Our next meeting is on Friday, September 6th @ 7:30pm

Currently we are on our summer break from monthly meetings.

We meet the first Friday of each month on Washington University's Danforth Campus. You can always check our Facebook page for changes to meetings and/or Covid guidelines.

If you are coming to campus from Forest Park Parkway, take Hoyt Drive into the underground parking garage.  If you are coming to campus from Forsyth Blvd take Wrighton Way (used to be Hoyt Dr) at the new traffic signal into the parking garage.  You will need to get a ticket when you enter the garage, park in any yellow space.  Parking is free after 5 PM but you need to get the parking ticket when you enter the garage.  Take the Brookings Hall stairs/elevator from the parking garage to above ground and the building where we meet.  It is nice to have the construction completed! 


The St. Louis Mineral and Gem Society is a non-profit club established in 1951 to help promote the hobby and knowledge of the Earth Sciences and Lapidary Arts within its membership and in the community. We meet monthly on the first Friday of the month from September to May at the Scott Rudolph Hall (Earth and Planetary Sciences building) room 203, on the Washington University campus. The hall is located on Hoyt Drive, see map below.  Parking is NOT available in the lot across Hoyt Drive from the hall, please do not park in the red permit parking spaces.  See map and directions above!!

Meetings start at 7:30 PM. Come join us at a meeting to see what all the fun is about and listen to the speaker, guests are always welcome!  

We promote field trips to local and out-of-state mining sites and collecting areas for the purpose of self-collecting specimens, and exposure to how minerals are mined and used. Field trips are for members only.  Check out photos from field trips in the photos tab.
We have a special group for kids 12 and younger, it is called Pebble Pups and it meets in the room next to the main meeting during the business portion of the meeting. Pebble Pups is a fun, hands-on learning program based on minerals, rocks, and earth science related topics. Often there are free samples from that night's lesson for the kids to take home. Check out the tab on Pebble Pups for upcoming topics and outlines from former sessions.  

Our club has social events rather than a formal meeting in June and December in the form of a summer picnic and Christmas party. These events include food, fellowship, auctions, and other activities. Come join us at one of our parties to see what all the fun is about, guests are always welcome!  

Join the fun and become a member!  Memberships include field trip privileges and a monthly newsletter called Rock Lore. Yearly memberships - single adult $15, family $20, Junior (ages 10-17) $5, Junior w/o club newsletter $3.  
(email us for an application)

Email us for more information! FYI, we cannot do appraisals on your specimens or recommend jewelers.